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About warranty
Warranty is valid only in Japan for 1 year. It is not valid in your country.
International warranty or more than 1 year warranty will NOT be applied.
When machines need warrant repair, you should send machines to makers in Japan, via us.
Shipping cost of Item's round trip will be your burden(roughly $150-300 in case of projectors)
For first year after your purchase, our fee for item's repair in Japan is zero.
After 1 year warranty passes, we can serve as agent for repair in Japan.
( In latter case, our fee is $50 plus with actual repair costs.)

We strongly recommend not to tell its serial No. to others.
Its warranty in Japan will become void if you disclose its serial No. on open internet site or Makers directly.
Zero DEAD(or stuck) pixel policy
We have Zero DEAD(or stuck) Pixel Policy about most of projectors.
We will replace (within 1-2 week) your projector with a dead or stuck pixel with new units.
In that case, item's round shipping cost will be your burden. No other cost will be needed.
Its replacement of defective unit is valid for 30 days from item's arrival on you.
It does not mean that other projectors or previous purchasers cannot deserve replacement of defective projectors.
In latter case, it may need longer time and negotiations with makers and our dealers for replacement, rarely unsuccessful.
Above policy applies to Panasonic AE500, SONY VPL-VW12HT, VPL-HS20, HS3, HItachi PJ-TX100J,
all of Sharp projectors, SANYO LP-Z2, EPSON EMP-TW200 and Yamha LPX-500, DPX-1000.
Shipping back option with additional 4% charge.
Please understand that, with 5% tight margin, we cannot provide worldwide guarantee for shipping back in warranty issues.
Instead, you can select 'shipping back option',
which covers roundtrip FedEx shipping cost in the event of warranty/bad pixel claims.
Its cost is 4% of our price on Hot Items list (minimum USD $90 or 10,000 Yen, maximum USD $200 or 22,000 Yen).
It should be paid at the same time of first purchase of projectors.
(You cannot pay it when warranty issues actually occurs.)
Shipping back cover is valid only one time, within 30 days from projector's arrival on you.
It covers only projector's roundtrip shipping cost. (not valid for other cost, such as tax or duties.)
Projector only is eligible for this service.(Shipping back service applies only to projector.)
* Though we do best for its warranty cover, please be aware of international trade's features and limits.
It is different from domestic buying; shipping cost is not cheap; relatively longer time needed for warranty repair.

* For shipping items to us for warranty cover, it needs our 'return authorization'.
There is very detailed shipping instruction. Don't ship any items to us without previous notice.

* Warranty for projector lamp becomes void after 90 days from its arrival on you.