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Service for Japan visitors_
Shopping service for Japan visitors.
When you visit Japan, don't waste your precious time in shopping high-end electronics.
We can provide you shopping service with only 3% fee.(minimum fee is $30).
We will deliver the items to your lodgings when you arrive there by using homedelivery company.
You must place order and pay it fully, 5 days before your arrival on Japan.
And when you place order, please inform information of your lodging place.
It needs phone number, address, your stay schedule of lodgings.
Among them, phone number is essential.
When you don't know its address in Japanese, we will check its address by phone call.
We will deny order if you don't have fixed lodgings and phone number.

You may think that you can buy your item on your visit of electronics retail store in Japan.
But they often don't have stocks of high-end electronics and "Hot items".
They will say; "Oh! Sorry! It became briefly short of stock.
If you order now, we can deliver it in A WEEK !"
At most cases, your flight schedule will not permit you to get it.
Don't be anxious about whether to get it or not. Just order it previously to us and get easy.

Prices at electronics retail store tend to be expensive more than 20% than the lowest wholesale store.
Please compare the lowest price with price at Yodaobashi camera, the largest retail store in Japan,
using our site; www.pricejapan.com/pricecheck.htm

You cannot buy items on the lowest price in Japan without our help.
It needs deep knowledge and plenty of time to find out the location of lowest price shop.
Besides, most of electronics retail store in Japan , for example "Yodobashi" "Sakuraya" "Big Camera",
are operating "Point card system" which compel you to pay additionally 10% subcharge than actual price,
though it can be returned at next day shopping.
"Point card system" is very disadvantageous system for foreign tourist.
As though you don't visit Japan, you can designate your friends as item's receiver, living or visiting Japan.

In any cases, you cannot avoid Japanese 5% tax.
We can deliver only Japanese model of items, never export models.

You cannot buy items by Payment on Delivery, or pick up items at our office.
If you want to use this service, you must pay its full amount,
at least 5 days before your arrival on Japan.
We will deliver items to your hotel by homedelivery company, not by ourselves.
Hotel name or lodging address is required for this service.
We will not deliver to airline counter address,
nor to the freight company, nor to the company address.
We should deliver items to the personal address, or the Hotel address.
If you want price quote for Japan visitors, please e-mail to info@pricejapan.com
Basically price quote: (lowest price in Japan x our fee 1.03)
In case of under 120,000 Yen worth: (lowest price in Japan + minimum fee 3500 Yen)
Shipping cost in Japan inside is already included in that price.