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Our policy_
1. Our fee
Our fee is 5% only of [item's amount + shipping cost].
Our minimum fee is 4,000 Yen(roughly USD $34). When you order items under $700 worth, minimum fee will be applied.
2. 'No stock' policy
In principle, we don't have any stock of machines.
We are just shopping agent for you.
When you order and pay it fully, we will begin to buy it , basing on lowest price in Japan.
In ordinary, owing to Japan's small territory and rapid transport system,
We can ship it in 1-2 business days after your order and full payment.
But, we often have its stocks of "HOT ITEMS" and projector lamps to shorten time to ship it.
3. About refund, order cancel
We refund your payment only when you could not get it from us, or only when your item did not arrive you.
In other cases, even when you get the defective unit, you cannot ask its refund.(in latter case, warranty policy will be applied.)
Please note that our sale is all final, and that you cannot cancel order after we bought your item in Japan market.
4. 'No return' policy(exception: 30 days replacement policy only in case of projectors)
We swear we ship only "brand new" and "factory sealed" unit.
But even when it goes wrong on arrival, all items should be treated as warranty repair.
In other words, you cannot exchange your machine for new one even when it turns out bad thing on its arrival.
Please understand our No return policy because our margin is originally very tight ; 5% only.
5. 'No-open-box' policy
We never open item's box in any cases. We will reject all requests which needs to open item's box.
6. Protection of customer's privacy
It is our solid policy never to give out customer's information (even e-mail address),