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How long till item’s arrival_
It takes 3-6 days from your order to get it on your hand.

Your order
1~3 business days
Shipment of items
1~2 days
Customs office in your country
Clearing process: 1~3 business days
Departure from customs office
Half or one days
Arrival on you

How long until item's arrival: Total average is 2-6 days.(in case of FedEx, EMS)
1) We can ship items in 1-3 business days after your order and full payment.
2) It takes 1-3 days from Japan to your country.
3) It takes 1-3 business days for customs clearing process.
4) After customs clearance, more 1 day will be needed.
5) There is no significant difference between FedEx or EMS.
     But we recommend FedEx, because they serve as your agent in customs clearing process.
You can track its delivery situation of FedEx or EMS
1) FedEx: You can check current status of shipments by inputting the 10-digit number, which we will inform you after shipping.
               Check it at www.fedex.co.jp or www.fedex.com
2) EMS: You can check http://www.post.yusei.go.jp/new-eng/ems2.htm or Post office's site of your country.