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How to use_

At first, you must know item's model No.
In case your item is listed on 'Hot Items'
In case your item is not listed on 'Hot Items'
Check its lowest price in Japan
Ask our cost estimation
Please your order with a full payment.
We ship items your ordered.
Customs clearing process in your country
Item's arrival on you

1. At first, you must know maker's name and its full model number. You can order everything selling in Japan which is listed on any internet sites except for dangerous or licentious item. We can carry new items only. We don't carry second handed goods or auctioned goods.
2. For item's price quote, click any item's picture on our "Hot Items" page or enter a model number into the blank of "Automatic Price Quote" on the left corner of our site. When your desired item is not listed on "Automatic Price Quote", please ask its price quote by clicking the "Ask Price Quote" button on the left side of our site.
3. We will reply quickly about its full cost estimation including shipping cost and our 5% fee.
4. If you like out price, place your order with a full payment.
(Full payment is needed when you order it.)
5. You can place your order by doing one of the followings:
1) Fill in the order form in the process of "Automatic Price Quote"
2) Click "Order Form" button listed on left site of our site.
3) Simply tell us the model number of your item, shipping address and phone number by e-mail.
(Phone Number is required for shipping. We don't ship items to P.O. Box. Please give us physical address.)
6. We will ship ordered items within 1-3 business day.
7. You will get your ordered items after brief customs clearing processes in your country.