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How to pay_
1. At first, You must pay it fully when you order it.
There are a lot of ways to pay it. (We prefer Paypal or moneybookers, but you can select any methods.)
* We do Not accept any credit card, directly. Payment by credit card must come through Paypal.
1) Please send your paypal payment to our paypal account, info@pricejapan.com .

2) You can also pay it by wiring Japanese Yen-noted money to our Citibank account in Japan(wire insturction).
3) Bank transfer of US dollars to our Citibank account in USA(wire instruction).
4) Bank transfer of Australian dollars to our Citibank account in Australia(wire insturction).
5) Bank transfer of Euro to our bank account in Frankfurt(wire insturction).
6) Bank transfer of GBP (Sterling) to our bank account(wire insturction).
7) Bank transfer Canada dollars to our Citibank account in Canada(wire insturction).
8) Bank transfer of HongKong dollars to our Citibank account in HongKong(wire insturction).
9) Bank transfer of New Zealand dollars to our bank account in NZ(wire insturction).
* We can confirm your wire instantly by internet banking.
If you are considering order to us, we recommend you to have verified Paypal account.
When you don't have verified paypal account, you cannot pay it instantly via Paypal,
because its verification process takes usually 1-2 weeks.

* We don't accept payment via Western Union, as it compels us to spend too much time to receive money.
2. We will start to buy items, based on the lowest price in Japan, when your full payment is confirmed.
(In principle, we have no stock of item.)
In an ordinary way, we can ship items in 0-3 days after order and its full payment.
* Phone number is required as shipping information. Don't forget to tell your phone No. when you order.