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How to find the lowest price in Japan_
1. Most of cases, you can find the lowest price in Japan on
2. If you can't find item's price at kakaku.com, it may be found at www.rakuten.co.jp
(Rakuten is the biggest internet shopping mall in Japan, in which more than 25,000 shops reside.)

1) Please visit www.rakuten.co.jp.
2) At that scene, you can find blank space in upper red zone.
3) After you put the accurate model number(please omit maker's name) at the blank space, click 'search' button.
4) At next scene, you can find the cart in the middle left. Click the its right button which means 'show all searched results'.
5) You will meet the results of many prices.
6) The cheapest price from all the results is almost the cheapest price in Japan.

Price check at rakuten.co.jp
3. Prices at electronics retail store tend to be expensive more than 20% than the lowest wholesale store.
Following search box is that of Yodabashi(www.yodobashi.com)
Yodaobahi is the largest retail store of electronic appliances in Japan.
You can see how expensive street price is , compared than kakaku.com or rakuten.co.jp.
Please search by the way as the same in www.rakuten.co.jp.

Price check at yodobashi.com
4. All products of Infocus, Samsung, Seleco, Runco, Boxlight is not available in Japan.
We can ship only Japanese products.
Export version of Japanese product is also not available in Japan. We can ship only Japanese domestic models.