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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)_
Q. After payment, how long will my projector arrive to me?
A. Our shipping is very fast. We can ship most of projectors at the same day when your payment is confirmed.
FedEx will deliver it to you in 2 business days at average.
We know that you feel anxiety for sending several thousand dollars in advance, to far eastern unknown world.
We think that there is no better means of alleviating your anxiety than shipping items as soon as possible.
(In case of other items than projector, it needs 1-2 business days till shipment.)
Q. Why don't you accept credit card directly?
A. Japanese "underdeveloped" credit card system does not let us to accept credit card at low costs or low risks.
Online credit card fee in Japan is 7%. Besides, seller is responsible for all of fraudulent credit card, in Japan.
Please understand that we cannot manage such risk with our low 5% fee.
Credit card payment must come throught Paypal or moneybookers.com .
Q. Can I use escrow service?
A. Sorry, we do NOT provide escrow service.
We think we have already proven our reliability through past 6 years service.
Q. Do I need stepdown transformer for using Japanese projector?
Is it OK to connect your projector to connect 220v or 240v(Manual are saying that it is only for 100volt...)
A. All of projectors on our site(except Panasonic AE900) has 100-250v automatic switching power unit.
Please only replace its original power code for 3 prong power code.
No need to use stepdown transformer.(Never use cheap stepdown transformer. It may hurt your projector.)
Japanese makers tend to write in manual that it is only for 100v, in order to depress export of Japanese projectors to abroad.
In case of other items(not projectors), in most of cases, stepdown transformer will be needed.
Q. Does "Price" on your site include VAT in receiving country?
A. Not included.
As clearly written on www.pricejapan.com/html/customs.htm, customer should pay tax or duties, happening in his country.
In case of projector, import tax is zero in most countries as it is counted as PC peripheries, but VAT may not be exempted.
Q. Let me know about PriceJapan's reliability.
1) Please visit groups.google.com or www.yahoo.com or www.avforums.com
and put "PriceJapan" as keyword in using "search" fuction.
You will get there a lot of good comments about us from past our customers.

2) One of objective proof about our credibility is Paypal's seller reputations.
We have got more than 900 Paypal's seller reputations , so far..
Our paypal's account for cash only payment(mail@pricejapan.com) got 500's seller reputations.
Another account for credit card payment(staff@pricejapan.com) got 483's seller reputations .
Our USA-based paypal account(info@pricejapan.com) got 205's seller reputations.
(We are currently merging its credit-card-only paypal account into order@pricejapan.com)
We have begun our business since Dec 2001.
Q. I am selling my projector on EBAY which I bought from you.
I was asked if the warranty is transferrable to the new buyer. Is this true?
A. Yes, it is true. We can provide warranty service for next user, as for items we sold.
We are managing its warrranty issue by its serial No. You don't have to inform us next user's information.
But you should notice next user, as follows;
Please keep item's paper box, all of codes, manuals written in Japanse, commercial invoice,
specially blank warranty card, for 1 warranty year from first purchase. All of these items will be needed for warranty issue.
Q. Can I request you to check dead/stuck pixel of projector, before shipping?
A. No, we don't check it even with extra payment. We never open its "brand new" and "factory sealed" box in any cases.
Q. I am planning to sell your items as reseller.
Can I get further discount from ordinary price written on your site?
I am thinking to organize power buy. Any further discount?
A. We can offer 2% discount to frequent orders from the same customer.
2% discount will be applied only when the same customer have already bought 4 times or more(and US$5,000 or more).
We can ship items directly to your cutomers, hiding our name.
Q. Can I get international warranty card with additional payment?
or Can I get more than 1 year warranty with additional charge?
A. No. In any cases, items's warranty is valid only in Japan for 1 year.
Q. Is English manual included in items?
A. No. All of items we ship is Japanese domestic products. English manual is not available in Japan.
All of export models is not available in Japan.
Q. I am interested in 55inch PDP.
Your website is saying its pure weight is 60kg and the total weight is 114kg.
How is it possible?
A. FedEx counts its shipping weight by 'cubic weight', not by 'actual weight'(pure weight).
In case of big size items(PDP, LCD display, massage chair, etc), its cubic weight is roughly double than actual weight.
Calculation of cubic weight; (length) x (width) x (height) cm /6000 =?? kg.
Q. Do you plan on having any sales,
for instance "Post Christmas sale", "New Year sale", "nth Anniversary sale"?
A. No. Due to our 5% tight margin, we cannot offer any further discounts.
Our current prices are already as low as they can possilbly be.
Q. Are you authorized dealer?
A. In Japan, there is neither authorized dealer system, nor warranty registration system.
All products with warranty card have the right to be protected by 1 year warranty in Japan.
For its warranty, please keep well its warranty card.