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About us_
PriceJapan is an Internet based company("YugenGaisha" in Japanese words) located in Tokyo, Japan. We provide services to customers all over the world who desire Japanese domestic electronics. Even though we handle all kinds of electronics, we specialize in audio and video equipments. Our customers enjoy our services because they can purchase high-end electronics from the Japanese market through us. Most of time, it is not easy to find these items in other countries. Our customers also take advantage of early releases of models at low prices before they are released at other countries with higher prices.
Our address is 5-1-3, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0034, JAPAN.
Our fax No. is +81-3-3831-3092.
(We do not write our phone numbers here because we cannot respond to your phone calls as time zone here is quite different from yours and our verbal English is very poor. Please contact us only by email )
PriceJapan was founded in 2001.
Business momentum was to hear that a lot of Japanese electronics stores are receiving many e-mail inquires from overseas, but those stores are reluctant to ship items abroad because they don't have English capability and fear troubles dealing with overseas. On the contrary, the foreign customers worry about the stores' credibility and item's warranty coverage.

We have succeeded in proving our reliability and credibility by actual results. Please visit groups.google.com or www.yahoo.com or www.avforums.com and type "PriceJapan" as a keyword to search. You will be able to read helpful comments about our service.

We have got more than 1500 PayPal seller reputations, so far.
Our PayPal account for cash only payment(mail@pricejapan.com) got 800 seller reputations.
Another account for credit card payment( info@pricejapan.com ) got 782 seller reputations.
Due to our low price and reliable service,
we have defeated many competitors like RKmedia, tokyo-direct.org.
importdeals.com, etc., who all suddenly disappeared from the market.
We know that we will defeat all other competitors in the future,
with our extremely low and clear price system, linked to the lowest price in Japan.
For warranty service of your item in the future, we recommend you to use reliable dealer like us.
We don't advertise our self anywhere else other than in our own web site.
Most of our customer are referred to us by satisfied customers.
Half of our orders come from returning customers, satisfied with previous purchases.
We have never sent any promotions(advertisement) through e-mails. We just respond to customer e-mails.
We never give out customers' information, even e-mail addresses.
e-mail address: mail@pricejapan.com